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Chocolate Stirrers, bursting with fluffy marshmallows

Chocolate Bomb. Luxurious Belgian chocolate with a subtle red lustre. Filled with fluffy marshmallows

A fine selection of hand-made white, milk or dark chocolates. Each chocolate has been hand designed to a high standard with a burst of flavour and smothered in Belgian chocolate. We welcome large or corporate orders, which can be tailored to your needs.

50g Chocolate Bars, available in Ruby
​Chocolate, Dark Chocolate & Cherry, White Chocolate & Strawberry, Milk or White Chocolate

100g Bark Bars, in a selection of White Chocolate & Cookie,  Milk Chocolate & Salted Crisp, or White Chocolate & Candy Crush

Truffelos Ltd

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Tel: 01224 589200

100g Chocolate Bars, boxed, in a selection of Dark Chocolate & Cherry, White Chocolate & Strawberry, Winter Spice, 70% Dark Chocolate, Pecan & Fudge, or Biscoff, 

Available for 2021

Luxury Chocolates